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Frame Construction

Construction options abound when building frame cabinets. Whether you like to use 1½, 1¾ or 2” stiles, butt joints, screw joints, dowel joints or even mortise and tenon, KCD caters to your personal building style.

Create your sides flush to the opening, outside or held in ¾”. Dado on the bottom? No bottom on your drawer bases or backs on sink cabinets? No problem. You can fix your shelves or make them adjustable. KCD’s software is both flexible and detailed to design and build the way you want to.

With KCD’s robust custom cut list software you can create any size stiles, rails, doors, drawers, shelves, kicks, partitions, nailers and more. This flexibility applies to any part, height, width, depth, or size.

KCD Software is designed to understand the size of each part included in your design. The program has the ability to “look” at each cabinet and “see” what is on either side of it. The part size is figured depending on its specific situation. KCD looks to see if there are finished ends or panel ends. Is it next to an appliance or another cabinet? It looks to see how wide, how deep and how high your cabinet is. It automatically checks to see if it is part of a connected run or a separate unit. All of these and many other situations are common to the custom cabinetmaker. With KCD Software’s custom cut lists, you consistently get accurate parts for the exact manufacture of your cabinet designs.

KCD Software is perfect for projects involving:
• Kitchens
• Baths
• Entertainment Centers
• Commercial Cabinetry
• China Cabinets
• Built in Wall Units
• Corner Hutches
• Computer Desks
• Fine Custom Cabinetry
• Plus Much More

KCD Cabinet Software can be purchased with or without Closets.

Frameless Construction