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The Cabinotch Design Library is included in KCD Cabinet's most recent version.

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Introducing the Cabinotch® Design Library

You'll never turn work away again.


What is Cabinotch®?
Cabinotch is a custom-sized, ready-to-assemble, face frame cabinet box system — you can order right online — that allows your cabinet shop to focus on custom finishes, decorative accessories and custom designs in- stead of making cabinet boxes.

Engineered for speed the revolutionary, patented Cabinotch® Box System lets you design, price and then directly order custom-configured and precision-cut face frame cabinet box parts.

How is it helpful to a Custom Cabinet Maker?
Sometimes things can get so busy that you have to turn work away. The option to output to Cabinotch allows you to expand your capacity by Cabinotching™ some of your custom-made boxes and save time estimating, ordering, receiving, moving, measuring, cutting, gluing and clamping your own lumber and plywood.

This innovative and unique partnership between KCD Software and Cabinotch® Cabinet Box System has yielded an incredible, time-saving production process with a full 3D design studio front-end. The only one of its kind in the cabinet software industry, the Cabinotch Design Library affords its users a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How does it work?
Simply send Cabinotch your finished KCD Designer file — using the Cabinotch Design Library — and get a price in your cart. Then, place your order and the face-frame boxes will be made to your specs, in tolerances of 1/1000", and shipped to you via FedEx freight.

They'll come with interiors already pre-finished, and assembly is fast and easy, thanks to the patented "sliding notch" in the back of the face-frames. Cut from quality hardwoods, the Cabinotch system:

  • Is American-made
  • Is formaldehyde-free
  • Offers a variety of hardwood species

To learn more, please visit the Cabinotch website.
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