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Machine-ready DOORS PLUS


If doors and drawers are your company’s specialty, Doors Plus™ software provides you with more capacity, flexibility and efficiency, streamlining your custom production in every way. Create parametric, one-of-a-kind custom templates – or select from the hundreds of ready-made precision templates – for beautiful machining results every time.

  • Over 300 premade, parametric door styles ready-to-go
  • Just specify sizes – Doors Plus™ maps and sets toolpaths automatically
  • Modify any door style – Doors Plus™ adjusts for machining accuracy
  • Doors Plus’ parametric library includes custom doors, drawer fronts, valances, fluted pilasters and rosettes, wine racks, arched panels, dovetails and more
  • Create and save your own parametric designs to the library for future use
  • Stand-alone order entry

Easy to modify and create new designs

Created for both traditional and CNC manufacturing, Doors Plus’ technology allows for more diversity, customization and efficiency than software of the past. Order entry, product entry and specifications are easy and streamlined.

CNC Design Engineers can quickly create new custom templates, tool paths and details, with their SMART Template generator. Product lines and favorite manufacturing parameters take minutes to set and nested G-Code is generated automatically.


SMART Template generator screen from Doors Plus™ Software

Expansive product offerings – ready to go!

KCD Doors Plus copy

Hundreds of existing, pre-programmed door styles along with newly programmed ones (formerly only seen in wood) gives this niche manufacturing market a distinct advantage over competitors with the ability to leverage more product offerings than ever before.

Doors Plus is the efficient, affordable and dependable CNC machining software that custom door and drawer box manufacturers have been seeking.

Customer support you can count on

KCD Software's industry-wide reputation for quality and unsurpassed customer service extends to manufacturing. "I enjoy helping a customer get set up with Doors Plus™," says J.T., of KCD's CNC Tech Team. "A lot of the manufacturers I talk to have been using old technology, and they don't expect it to be so simple. The software does the hard work for them."

KCD Software is best known for their popular Cabinet and Closet Design to CNC software that can take a professional through every stage of the design, price and manufacturing process.

  • Free live tech support
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • Optional upgrades

Several members of the Tech Team at IWF, Atlanta. L-R: JT, Justin Daubert, Lauren Murphy, Tim Murphy, Ken Frye, Eric Olsen, Tara Murphy and the legendary John Murphy

Doors Plus initial set-up to your choice of nested-based router includes a custom post to assure proper machining operation. Our Tech Team works with you to ensure that your jobs will run to the router as designed – and stands behind your success.

  • 2 month money-back guarantee


  • Doors Plus Commander requires a 1 month initial commitment of $1,100. – with no extra charge for access to our live Tech Support Team to help you get up and running. Thereafter:
    • $195/mo. On Demand (31 days at a time)
    • 2 Months free with Yearly (save -$390.00)
*** Doors Plus Commander *** plus shipping