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Homan Interiors

Homan Interiors Doubles Up Without Doubling Down

Custom cabinetmaker reinvents its business to focus on design, expanded product offerings and the more expedient delivery times.

The powerful combination of KCD Software and Cabinotch© Innovative Solutions has dramatically transformed Homan Interiors’ business model, making the New Bremen, Ohio-based custom cabinet shop more efficient, productive and profitable.

The conversion from solely cabinet manufacturer to predominantly cabinet assembler has streamlined order-to-installation, reduced raw material inventory and waste, and helped Homan Interiors more than double sales without having to purchase new equipment, expand its plant or hire additional employees. Topped off by the company’s signature in-house finishing, attention to detail and professional installation, the ultimate beneficiaries are Homan Interior’s long list of satisfied customers.

"Using KCD Software with Cabinotch gives us tremendous flexibility to custom design cabinets," says Jack Homan, eldest son involved in the business launched by his parents John and Jean in 1994." Cabinotch will make any cabinet for us that we can draw in KCD Software as long as it is no more than 4-foot by 8-foot. We usually receive the cabinets ready to assemble within a week or a week and a half at worse."

In addition to cabinet boxes, Homan Interiors purchases shelves, face frames and other components Cabinotch manufactures to within 1/1,000th inch of specified dimensions using formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood. Cabinotch’s patented interlocking joint system allows Homan Interiors to assemble a cabinet in a matter of minutes without clamping.

Switching Software Streamlines Ordering Process
The command center of Homan Interior’s 7,000-square foot facility is a 12-foot by 12-foot room shared by Jack, his sister Teresa and his wife Julie. There Jack does the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to designing cabinets using KCD Software and ordering Cabinotch cabinets.

"When I joined the business full time around 2008, we were still making all of our own cabinets using a different design software," Jack says. "As our saws got older, we experienced more tear-out of the plywood. We also started to have more trouble getting a true 90-degree cut or our parts might be off by 1/16 inch here or there. When we went to put a cabinet together, we would sometimes have to trim parts if it was too big or make a new one if it was short.

"About six years ago we looked into purchasing a CNC nesting router to get a cleaner, more precise cut and to increase our productivity," Homan continues. "But the CNCs we looked at were so expensive, would take up a lot of space and required a special person to run it. Then we learned about the Cabinotch cabinet system. Based on our needs it made so much sense. It seemed to be the answer."

The initial conversion to the Cabinotch System was good but not great, Homan says. While the delivered components were high quality, the process to order them was tedious.

"When we started using Cabinotch I would go to their website and order each cabinet individually. I had to pick the specific sizes and characteristics for every upper and base cabinet. To specify 20 cabinets for a complete kitchen would take an hour or so to order."

Everything changed for the better when Homan Interiors switched to KCD Software and its seamless interconnectivity to the Cabinotch Design Library.

"When we got KCD Software we were able to go straight from drawing a kitchen to ordering the entire job in five to 10 minutes," Homan says. "KCD Software addressed all of our problems. It's a very easy program to learn for designing custom cabinets. You choose your choice of species and style of base and upper cabinets, enter the dimensions, review your order, click a button and you're done. My sister learned the basics in a about a week's time and she never had any CAD experience before that."

Kitchens and More
Last April, Homan Interiors opened a new showroom to display its capabilities. While custom kitchens are its bread and butter, Homan Interiors also uses KCD Software to design and direct order Cabinotch components for vanities, entertainment units, bars and other cabinet-centric projects. The company augments its Cabinotch orders by custom manufacturing floor-to-ceiling cabinets, range hoods and other specialty items designed with KCD Software. It purchases doors and drawers from Fryburg Door, using the software’s automatic door list generator for ordering specifications.

Homan notes that using KCD Software to order Cabinotch products removes a lot of guesswork from pricing jobs. "We know exactly what we’re paying for each box," Homan says. "For tall cabinets and some of the other items that we make, we have to figure out the price ourselves."

"If we're doing multiple rooms in a house – kitchen, bathroom, utility room – we can pick the same species for all of the rooms or choose separate species for each room," Homan adds. "Right now, maple is up to 90 percent of our market. We mainly use a catalyzed lacquer from Sherwin Williams to finish our cabinets. It’s quick drying and durable."

The vast majority Homan Interiors' customers are located within 90 minutes of its shop. Last year, Homan Interiors completed kitchens for about three dozen new homes and about 40 remodels, plus bathrooms, bars and more, Homan says. "I would say for sure that we do twice as much or more as we used to do when we manufactured all of our cabinets," Homan says. "We've been able to do this without having to expand the shop, hire more people or buy equipment."

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