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Marilynn Enterprises, Inc.

Productivity, creativity on the rise for Marilynn Enterprises, Inc.

Marilynn Enterprises, Inc. based in Marietta, GA is a third-generation custom cabinet company committed to offering high-quality products and services. Their experience began in Europe over a century ago with woodcarving and furniture. They continue to uphold the same standard of quality from the past while also making use of the latest manufacturing technology and quality materials available today.

Their website states: "We're always searching for new ideas in cabinet design and manufacturing techniques in an effort to keep up with the latest trends and also to continue providing the best service possible." Marilynn Enterprises began using Cabinotch® in 2012 and added KCD Software with 3D design and direct ordering in early 2014. They currently use both for all their custom work which accounts for about 70% of their business.

"We love the system... being able to go straight from design to order is huge. Draw it up in KCD and then order the boxes. It even lets us change boxes up to fit what we need." – Blair Floyd, Designer

Owner Joe Gavalas has this to say: "The benefit of using Cabinotch has been the increased production. We are planning to reach out and broaden our business, but wanted to make sure all of the pieces were in place. With Cabinotch, the costs are comparable to making the boxes yourself, but the increased capacity to get more desirable jobs is the point. My son has a shop in Buckhead, GA and we have him convinced to move toward Cabinotch."

Using the cut-to order technology has allowed Joe and his other craftspeople the time to develop a specialty line of custom built wooden kitchen hoods to further leverage their beautiful custom woodwork within the marketplace.

Custom kitchen by Marilynn Enterprises comprised of 36 custom boxes with parts precision-cut and delivered by Cabinotch® Innovative Solutions. Visit to see more.

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