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Software Series: KCD’s Rental Program

KCD Software is now offering its entire Cabinet/Closet Software Suite as a rental. The rental is more than a lite version or a rent-to-own program, KCD Software is including in the rental its Cabinet and Closet maker full programs with all the bells and whistles – and with no obligation to purchase. Prices start at $95/month for Cabinet/Closet Designer and latest features include the innovative Custom Library Creator; allowing designers to save whole components like shelving units, islands and even whole kitchens right into their menu for “dropping in” and adding modifications at a later date.

KCD says it created this economical solution for small and large shops to have virtually instant efficiencies by streamlining their design, pricing, cutlisting, and machining capabilities, thereby increasing profitability.


  • Streamlines design, pricing, cutlisting and machining
  • Full software program with one monthly price
  • Tutorials available online

Cabinet/Closet Suite is modular and integrated to support the design and woodworking shop at every level, so the user can buy or rent the suite at any level, and add on features later.

The user starts the program by renting Cabinet/Closet Designer at a monthly price. It comes with the Design Studio with its Custom Library Creator and it instantly creates elevations, floor plans and 3D renderings. Rental is $95/ month, and the user can stop and start renting the program on an “as needed” basis – with no obligation to purchase. If the user decides to purchase the program, KCD says it will apply a portion of the rental amount paid, to the purchase price.

To prepare standard or custom contracts, proposals and estimates quickly, the Design Professional feature can be added to the Designer rental for a small onetime fee.

To avoid costly construction errors – go directly from design measurements to cutlist. Cutlisting also can be added to the Designer rental for a small onetime fee.

Another option is to combine the features of Cabinet/Closet Designer, Design Professional and Builder into one program for a onetime fee. Cabinet/Closet Workshop is a popular choice for custom shops and contractors and it is available for $95/ month, KCD says.

Additionally, the user can go directly into manufacturing and building with CNC Linker or CNC Commander’s One- Button Machining for a one-time fee and additional monthly rental charge. Each full-version rental includes free technical support and customer service to help the user get up-andrunning with the software.

Visit to learn more about the full range of features for each level, view online video tutorials and for pricing information.