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KCD Cabinet/Closet Suite Rental: Powerful. No risk. No hidden fees.

Designer Professional Workshop CNC
One-time only initial fee - $395 $1090 $1995
31 day rental rate $95/mo. $95/mo. $95/mo. $295/mo.

Commonly asked questions about renting KCD’s easy to use custom software

Why is it called a “rental” rather than a “subscription”? Unlike a subscription, KCD Software lets you turn “on” and “off” your rental by the month, as needed. Only pay for KCD by the month when you want it, and not for the months you don’t.

If I want to rent it every month, can I set up an automatic payment (similar to a subscription)? Yes. Just request an “Auto Re-Rent” and we’ll set up an account for you.

Can I try Cabinet/Closet Design Professional, Builder or Workshop before I rent it? Yes. When you order and receive our "Try it!" evaluation copy, just give us a call at 508-760-1140 and we'll get you started.

Do you provide free training and techinical support for your rental products? Yes. In addition to our online training videos, we are available to answer any questions you may have about how things work. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and have been providing our customers with outstanding customer service and free technical support for 30 years.

What if I rent for a while, but then I want to buy the same software I’m renting? This happens all the time, so we made it easy: We will credit your new purchase with the amount of your initial fee (if there is one) plus the first month’s rent. So, for instance, if you have been renting Cabinet/Closet Workshop, and decide to buy it, we would credit you $1185 ($1090 + $95) toward your purchase of Cabinet/Closet Workshop.

How will KCD Software save my company money? The short answer is that using KCD to design, price and build your cabinets and closets allows for a savings of days worth of labor costs, better communication on every level with your client and the shop, error-free cutting and construction, maximization of materials and super accurate assembly and installation on every job!