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A comprehensive design program for both cabinet and closet makers, Cabinet/Closet Designer puts a fully loaded design studio at your fingertips. Create custom kitchens, baths, entertainment centers, built-in bookcases, walk-in closets, garage storage, murphy beds and more unique cabinet and closet spaces. Create your own unit libraries and pull-down menus tailored specifically to your business. KCD Software is powerful and easy to use.

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Expect a better starting point with an easier design process. Initial cabinet and closet layouts can be roughed in using preset units with hundreds of editable door styles. Full libraries include frame, frameless and closets as well as wood libraries – all included. Go ahead and size and style cabinetry exactly the way you want to. You can design a complex kitchen job in under 30 minutes with KCD Software.

  • Custom Frame
  • Custom Frameless
  • Accessories
  • Adams Wood Library
  • Osborne Wood Library
  • White River Wood Library
  • Matthew Burack
  • Custom Closet
  • Accessories
(free downloads)
  • TAG Hardware Accessories
  • TAG Hardware Engage Collection
  • TAG Hardware Track Wall System
  • It's not complicated to run the CNC machine with KCD. It's a little intimidating when you first get it but that's where KCD is great because on the phone they just simplify things a lot. They'll talk you through to get you moving and to the point where your shop can run smoothly. We got a lot of things going at the same time. We were more efficient about how we moved parts through [the shop] because they come off the machine and are labeled. It keeps the cabinet parts organized so that everybody knows what's going on – not just the operator.
    Phil Harron
    Kitchen Creations
  • We're a custom home builder and custom woodshop, so everything we do is different. The program does what we want it to do. KCD helped us streamline the business so we can do more in a shorter time with less people.
    Barry Chase
    The Webhannet Company
  • We thought we would outgrow KCD over the years, but the software grew and advanced right along with us. It used to take us 8 hours for the average mid- to high-end kitchen. Now it takes us under 2 hours.
    Steve Hoff
    Nelson’s Cabinets
  • It's easy and has great customer support. You don’t have to take classes to use it. Even today, I'll just watch an online video if I need to refresh my memory. I'm completely satisfied; and if I had to do it again, I would buy KCD Software.
    Barry Chase
    The Webhannet Company
  • They knew exactly what I wanted done, and made it happen. I was impressed right out of the gate. They worked with me over the next month on the phone, and back and forth on the computer, to make sure the software was tailored to my needs. They are completely customer-focused. It’s unbelievable. I would never change software.
    Jim McAsey
    M&M Cabinets
  • We do middle- to upper-end custom kitchens ($20,000 to $30,000 range) and we use KCD for every job. We work with homeowners, architects, and designers. If we work with a designer, we enter their design in our system so we can cut it. We can also add more details than the designer thought of.
    Steve Hoff, Owner
    Nelson's Cabinets
  • We've done entire houses, including entertainment centers and cabinetry, using KCD. KCD changed our methodology years ago because we saw features that improved the way we do things. CNC made us more efficient. It helped us streamline. It improved the quality, if anything, because we could go direct to cutting.
    Steve Hoff, Owner
    Nelson's Cabinets, Long Beach, CA
  • I am really impressed with the system. Our sales went up 30% in one year. Most clients have a hard time visualizing their project and KCD is like handing them a photograph of the completed project.
    Don Cuffari
    Owner, ClosetTec, Chesterfield, OH
  • It would be devastating to lose KCD. It's part of our business from the moment clients sit down with us. Every project we do, we're using KCD to design and present it and send it to CNC. I can bring in a new guy and they can use KCD very quickly. Some of them have used other products and they say they really like KCD. They've never tried to talk me into changing.
    Ryan Coats
    Premier Cabinets
  • Going to the router is flawless. KCD has simplified the process in a way that really meets our needs. We are always confident the pieces will be cut correctly. It's definitely the simplest, fastest and most reliable software I've ever used.
    Jim McAsey
    M&M Cabinets

Product/Feature Comparison

Features Designer Professional Workshop Commander
Technical Support
Free Live Phone Support
Libraries Included
Custom Frame Library
Custom Frameless Library
Custom Overlay Frame Library
Custom Closet Library
Accessories Library
Cabinotch® (frame) Library
Cabinotch® Full Access (frameless) library
Osborne Wood Products Library
Adams Wood Products Library
White River Hardwoods Library Library
Tag Hardware Library (free download)
Optional KCD Touch Screen Mode (for PC, PC tablet or laptop)
Full Custom Cabinet Design Studio
Real Wood Grains and Countertops
Predefined Moulding Selector or Customize your Own
Frame and Frameless Cabinetry
Custom Library Creator
Custom Pull Down Menus
3D Modeling and Rendering
Presentation-quality Multi-Prints
Floor Plans, Elevations and Dimensioned Drawings
Island and Peninsula Walls
Rotate/Mirror-image a Room
Fast-fill a Room with Cabinets
Work in Inches or Metric
Show Handles and Hinging
Change Handles and Hinging
T-Walls and Custom Wall Shapes
Multiple Rooms per Job
Locate and Size Windows and Doors
Customize Door & Drawer Fronts, Panels & More
Zoom in – Zoom out
Full Custom Closet Design Studio
Counter Top View with Dimensions
Rotate Rooms 90 degrees Left or Right
Select Colors and Textures for Units, Walls and more
Add Custom Notes and Comments to Jobs
Edit Wall Shapes
Delete Rooms from Job
Copy and Paste Units
Set Unit Side Details (finished / unfinished)
List of all Units in Job (height, width, depth)
Measure Custom Distances
Show Grid
Align Room to Grid
Select and use Auto Lighting
Customize Lights and Lighting
Show Room Name / Wall Number on Drawing
Import Room Measurements from ETemplate®
Includes 300+ Door & Drawer Styles
Frame only – Set Door Insets
Beaded Face Frames
Multiple Dimension Levels
Door Sizes Report for Door Ordering
Predefined Counter Top Edging or Edit Profile
One-Drive Cloud-sharing
Back-up / Restore Function
Auto Save Jobs – max. 50
Cabinotch® One-Click Quoting and Direct Order
Custom & Standard Cost Reports
Automatic Cost Estimates generated from designs
Pricing for Doors, Molding, Cabinets, Countertops & Hardware
Door Ordering
Closet Contracts
Closet Proposals
Closet Item Lists
Cabinet Contracts
Cabinet Proposals
Cabinet Item Lists
Built-in Lean Manufacturing Options
Traditional Custom Cut Lists – frame & frameless
Square Foot of Materials Reports
Optimization Integration
Build Details – Frame only Reports
Build Details – Door & Drawer Reports
Build Details – Assembly Reports by Unit
Build Details – Drawer Box Reports
Custom Parts Reports
Design to CNC Machine Code
True Shape Nesting
CNC Manager: Generate Superior Job Nests
One-Button Machining
CNC Parts Viewer/Editor
Management Software Integration
CNC Dovetail Drawers ADD
CNC Labeling ADD