Align your shop with advanced outsourcing technology

KCD Software introduces leading-edge supply chain integration with emerging technologies – innovative ways for custom cabinetmakers to play and win. Connective outsourcing with direct-ordering for quality, speed and accuracy is just one of the ways KCD can help you succeed.

  • Shorten lead times
  • React quickly to market trends
  • Tap into emerging custom industry markets

Growth without investment – Cabinotch® Innovative Solutions

Outsource the cutting of your custom cabinet boxes with the touch of a button. The Cabinotch Libraries are fully integrated with KCD Design Professional for both frame and frameless (all access) custom cabinet solutions. Learn more.

  • Expand your shop’s capacity
  • Shorten lead times
  • Stabilize shop labor when workflow fluctuates
  • Lower human risk in your shop
  • No dust, cutting or mess

Your business, your tech

Finding the right custom software fit is critical to laying the groundwork for your business’s future growth and profitability. Great cabinet/closet software will make things a lot easier – and quickly.

We’ve built our software to work hard for you –  streamlining information and sharing data seamlessly between your KCD Software and popular optimization, cabinet shop management or laser measurement software - without the time-consuming, risky process of double entry. It’s the perfect custom solution for shops that:

  • Want an intuitive design to manufacturing software program that clients and coworkers will love
  • Want control over how and when they grow – maximizing productivity
  • Plan to grow sales through franchising designers to increase production
  • Are interested in a powerful connective technology driving machines and other software

Rendered details, doors and drawers

KCD Software comes pre-loaded with digital designs including; 300+ of the most popular door and drawer front styles, moldings, countertop edging and favorite industry accessories. But that's just a starting point. You can easily change the door panel sizes, stile and rail widths, colors, textures, countertop edging and much more. The software is parametric and cabinet-smart, so it will automatically change your pricing, parts lists, door lists, Cabinotch® order and CNC machining for accurate construction – ready to go!

Libraries of specialty architectural wood carvings are pre-loaded and included within KCD’s design studio at no extra charge – providing custom designers a wide range of embellishments at their fingertips when creating custom kitchens, baths, closets and more. Details come to life with photo-realistic 3D renderings of products and easy and clear counts for:

Still looking for your perfect custom cabinet/closet software? Give us a call. Our leading-edge technology is driven by solving problems for our customers. With 30+ years of experience, we know personalized service is what drives KCD Software to develop the most flexible, practical, robust, responsive, intelligent, easy-to-use software in the industry.